Some have claimed that the Hudson Valley is in for a lackluster showing of Fall colors, but a horticulture expert tells us 'not so fast!'

As we reported earlier this month, experts have been saying that our area should brace for a lackluster Fall. The recent drought-like conditions have stressed out plant life throughout the Hudson Valley, which can cause trees to drop their leaves quickly and skip over some of the highly anticipated yellows, oranges and reds of Fall.

Luckily, that may not actually be the case this year. We spoke with Joyce deVries Tomaselli, who is the Community Horticulture Educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension in Milbrook. According to Tomaselli, the magical colors of Autumn appear when trees go through a process called senescence, and even without rain it can still do its thing.

Here's what Tomaselli says we should expect to see happening later this month: