Reddit user Daniel Mundschau came up with an idea, a pretty stupid idea, but an idea none the less.  His driver's license was up for renewal, but instead of going down to DMV and taking a lame photo like everyone else, he decided to have a little fun.

Here's the way Daniel looked on the morning of his DMV photo shoot: / Daniel Mundschau

With the careful use of a razor, he created a little male pattern baldness, you know, just for fun... / Daniel Mundschau

...and thinned out his beard a little. / Daniel Mundschau

After a little more facial hair sculpting... / Daniel Mundschau

...and pulling his head back to create a double-chin effect... voila!  The stupidest drivers' license photo ever! / Daniel Mundschau

Daniel says that he's only been denied service once due to someone believing his license was fake.  Mostly, bartenders and police just laugh when he tells them the story.

So, is this something you'd try next time your license is up for renewal?