Earlier this week, we asked our WPDH listeners to tell us what dish in the Hudson Valley is the best of the best.  Keep in mind, we weren't looking for the best restaurant...we were looking for the best dish.  So, if you wrote in saying "anything at such and such a place", I couldn't count it. After reading hundreds of replys, here is the list of the top ten.  Drumroll, please.....

10 - The tri tips at The Fireside Bar and Grill in Salt Point

Facebook/Fireside Bar and Grill

9 - French onion soup at P&G's in New Paltz


8 - Pizza at Prima Pizza in Cornwall

Facebook/Prima Pizza Cafe

7 - My Bother Bobby's Salsa....not technically a dish, but it is a Hudson Valley Food, and got enough mentions to make the list

Facebook/My Brother Bobby's Salsa

6 - Cheeseburger from Tony's Newburgh Lunch

Facebook/Tony's Newburgh Lunch

5 - Pizza at Colandrea Pizza King in Middletown

Facebook/Colandrea Pizza King

4 -Ice cream from Holy Cow in Red Hook

Facebook/Ho;y Cow Ice Cream

3 - The Italian combo from Rossi's Deli in Poughkeepsie

Facebook/Rossi's Deli

2 - 4H Milkshakes from The Dutchess County Fair (Only available during the fair in August)

Facebook/Dutchess County Fairgrounds

And the number one dish not to be missed in the Hudson Valley is.......

1 - A hot dog from Pete's Hot Dogs in Newburgh!

Facebook/Pete's Hot Dogs Inc.

So there you have it...The top ten foods to try in The Hudson Valley.  Thanks for all the input!  Feel free to add your favorite dish in The Hudson Valley to the comments below, and we'll put together a bigger list at a later date...It looks like I've got a lot of tasting to do!