The Water Street Market in New Paltz started out as a place for tourists, but it has become an important part of the community. Now its owner wants to build a 62 seat theater there.

Harry Lipstein, the owner of the Water Street Market thinks a black box theater at his market would be perfect for New Paltz. It would be a non-profit venue that puts on only live performances. I think this is a very cool idea. A small space doing live productions would be perfect for New Paltz.  Will the town approve it?

According to Hudson Valley One, there has been lots of resistance to building anything new in New Paltz. Residents already feel the place is crammed full of commercial buildings and the traffic is often a nightmare. Lipstein understands this and he doesn't want to push this small venue on the residents if they don't want it.

He wants to know that it’s supported, or he says he will not move forward. “A lot of people might say hey, I want that here, but then go back to watching football,” he said. 

Lipstein would like the community to let the town board know what they think about the idea of this small theater. Harry will also be listening to what the community says. He has a passion for live theater and hopes that New Paltz feels the same way.