One of the biggest trends in the US over the past ten years has been the emergence of the self portrait snapshot, or 'selfie'. Now, with nearly everyone owning a smart phone it has become easier for anyone to snap that photo of themselves in just about any given situation or environment, and share their pics with friends, peers, social media etc. However, there's a darker side to this whole phenomenon. Are funerals or the sites of disasters really the places you want to draw this sort of attention to yourself? 

Lintao Zhang/Getty Images

In another case of selfies gone too far a young women snapped a shot of herself right as rescuers attempt to save a suicidal man from jumping off the Brooklyn Bridge. Neither the women or the suicidal man have been identified yet. This hasn't stopped the pic from showing up on just about all the major news outlets (including the front cover of The NY Post)

She wanted attention? Well, looks like she got it...though this probably isn't what she was expecting.