Winter weather is upon us.  Saturday night there was a surprise snow squall in Poughkeepsie and this morning on my way into work the temperature on the bank sign was blinking "CO".  I'm not sure if the sensor actually froze, if it was an obscure Doctor Who reference or the digital sign was just trying to spell out "Cold as Ba**s".   Regardless, the temperature gauge on my car read 19 degrees.  Yup, November 25th and it's 19 degrees out.  Time to upgrade the polar fleece and it's not even Thanksgiving.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we're looking at possible SNOW this Thursday.  Will that trip to grandmother's  house be worth braving a slippery ride over the river and through the woods?  Tune in throughout the week for more on the forecast for Thursday.

And get ready for what's going to be our reality for the next 4 months: