By now you've heard about the big eclipse happening on Monday. This is a full eclipse, the last one wasn't seen since 1979. The next one will be happening in 2024. Might be a great time to grab the kids and head outside to watch the solar eclipse.

What exactly can you expect to see and when?

Here in the Hudson Valley, expect to not see the full solar eclipse. You'll see only a partial eclipse.  It will happen early in the afternoon.  There is a great website that gives you the timeline of what you will see in your specific area.  The website is called Eclipse Megamovie 2017.

You enter a zip code or city name, then it will play out what the eclipse will look like in your area with the times below the image.

Below you can see an image from website, based on using 12601.

According to the website, the Poughkeepsie area will only see a partial eclipse, the height of the eclipse will around 2:43pm. Most parts of the Hudson Valley, will see only a partial eclipse around 2:45pm.