There has been lots of talk about how to make the Highland waterfront more attractive to tourism. What do you think would bring people to the west side of the Hudson?


Mariner's Harbor Restaurant in Highland was the hot spot on the river for decades. A couple of big storms, including Hurricane Sandy contributed to the place closing down. A new owner is rebuilding and I have seen construction moving along. I think this will be a big draw for the Highland side of the river.

Mid Hudson News reports that plans are plans underway to make things happen at places like Highland Landing Park. Assemblyman Frank Skartados has gotten some grant money and he wants to take advantage of the deep water near the Highland shore.

"It is a deep port and we would like to take advantage of that deep water now for the purpose of tourism and other leisure activities."

What will happen has yet to be disclosed. If the deep water is an advantage, maybe some sort of mariner for bigger boats? I am still waiting for someone to build the Hudson River Aquarium. I honestly think it would be a big draw, especially on the bank of one of America's greatest rivers. What would you like to see on the Highland Waterfront? Please leave you comments on our Facebook page.