So, what do you call a bear with antlers? We'll get to the answer in a minute, after we sample our Beer of the Week from Half Time in Poughkeepsie.

This week we are trying out Boont Amber.  Anderson Valley Brewing Company is hidden way up in Northern California.  They make some amazing craft beers that tend to lean more on the malty side of things. Boont Amber is all about balance.  If you're not a hops fan, or are just looking for an alternative to the thousands of IPAs that are out there, Boont Amber is a beer you should try.

As for our riddle... if you look carefully at the label for Boont Amber, you may wonder why in the world is there a picture of a bear with antlers on it.  Well, what's a bear with antlers called?  a Beer, of course!

Mitch from Half Time will be on The Boris and Robyn Show this Tuesday morning for an official tasting.  Grab a growler and try it out with us for half price this week at Half Time on Route 9 in Poughkeepsie.