How far does $100 go these days?  Well, that depends on what state you live in.  If you're a New Yorker the answer is "not very far".  The Tax Foundation released data this week that shows what $100 is really worth in each state.  They took into consideration the average price of household goods and food.  Basically, the higher the cost of living, the less your money is really worth.

New York ranked 3rd from the bottom of the list.  Sadly, that $100 bill in your pocket is really only worth $86.66.  Below New York were Hawaii at $85.32 and Washington DC, where a C-note is worth a measly $84.60.

Most states with high prices are offset by offering more jobs with higher incomes, but New York somehow misses the boat when it comes to income too.  In fact, Kansas has a much lower income level than New York, but when it's adjusted to show how much your money can actually buy, Kansas easily wins out over the Empire State.

The best states to get the most for your money were Mississippi ($115.74), Arkansas ($114.16) and Missouri ($113.51).  Check out the whole list and interactive map at The Tax Foundation's website.