Not exactly what you'd expect on your commute..

So a tractor trailer overturned yesterday evening, while merging off the ramp that connects Route 896 to Interstate 95. That's nothing too unusual, but the cargo the truck was carrying is what makes this story take a turn for the bizarre. The tractor trailer was carrying 460 crated bees hives (that's over 20 million bees) on it's way from Florida to Maine, and as the truck went down, the entire swarm was loose. Three passengers were able to escape the wreck, but not without being stung 50 to 100 times each. All three were taken to nearby Christiana Hospital. The driver has been cited for the crash. More pics HERE

The swarm was so large that authorities were unable to go near the accident. Three bee handlers were called in to help firefighters spray the entire area down with water. According to officials, the Delaware State Police have actually had an official bee removal plan but this is the first time they've ever had to use it. They also said that it's impossible to round up many of bees though, so the stinging pests remain at large.

The ramp reopened this morning at around 6:50 am. Motorists were urged to avoid the area of the ramp around 896 to I-95 near Newark.