In a bit of international news...Violence broke out at India's Golden Temple in Punjab, as two rival groups of Sikhs went head to head and decided to settle their differences the old fashioned way....with swords.

The sword fight broke out after the two groups clashed over who would speak during a holy day ceremony, which remembers the Sikh victims of India's Operation Blue Star. 1984's Blue Star was a raid order by then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, to drive out Sikh separatists from the temple. She would later be assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, which in turn, lead to the anti-Sikh riots of the 80's which caused the deaths of thousands.

This would not deter our Sikh friends however, as pride was on the line today during this epic sword wielding showdown. A number of people were injured, though as of now, there are no reports of any deaths. Indian security forces broke up the fight and later restored order to the scene.