I'm letting you the listener pick from twenty 80's metal power ballads for the Valentine's Day edition of the WPDH Big Hair Scare tonight at 7pm! Go to my facebook page and pick your three favorites: https://www.facebook.com/radiotigman

Here's the List:

1. Bon Jovi-Bed of Roses

2. Cinderella-Heartbreak Station

3. Saigon Kick-Love Is On The Way

4. Skid Row-I remember You

5. Poison-Every Rose Has it's Thorn

6. Steelheart-I'll never let you Go(Angel Eyes)

7. Def Leppard-Love Bites

8. Whitesnake-Is this Love

9. Warrant- I saw Red

10. Tesla-Love Song

11. Winger-Headed for a heartbreak

12. Firehouse-Love of a lifetime

13. Great White-Save your Love

14. Mr. Big-To Be With You

15. Metallica- Nothing Else Matters

16. Scorpions-Still Loving You

17. W.A.S.P.-Hold on to My Heart

18. Lita Ford w/Ozzy-Close My eyes Forever

19. Motley Crue-Without You

20. Kiss-Forever