Two passengers fighting in the Economy Plus section of a United Airlines flight caused the plane to be diverted from it's original course, and surely caused quite a few headaches. The fight was over legroom, as a man attached a knee defender device which prevented the woman in front of him from recliner her seat.

From the Washington Post

The $22 device locks onto the tray table on the back of the seat, making it impossible for the person in front to recline during the flight. United Airlines and other U.S. carriers have banned the device. The Federal Aviation Administration says it can’t be used during taxi, takeoff and landings, when tray tables and reclined seats aren’t supposed to be in use anyway.

Flight attendants asked the man to remove the device but he refused. From there, things escalated as the woman got so angry she ended up throwing coffee at the man. The flight out of Newark to Denver had to be diverted to Chicago. Both passengers were removed from the flight.  Red More HERE