It's turtle mating season here in the Mid Hudson Valley and what these creatures go through to reproduce will have you saying Cowabunga Dude!

This whole blogging thing has opened my eyes to some really interesting things here in the Mid Hudson Valley. I try to get outside and shoot some video for you to enjoy and just the other day, I saw a large bale of Box Turtles. Warning - This Video is NOT in Slow Motion.


It's mating season for the box turtle here in the Mid Hudson Valley. According to the DEC the box turtle uses the varied habitats of our area to survive and thrive. The turtles dig into leafy areas of local forests to hibernate in the winter. Right now is mating season and they come out to play and lay their eggs.

Breeding typically occurs in the spring and females again seek out open, sunny areas to build nests and lay eggs.


So that's what that "clump" of turtles were doing on the rock? Seems like a vulnerable spot where predators could easily get at them, but what do I know about egg laying? Oh - you say you've heard my show. Very funny!

At the end of the summer, the turtles will be looking for a suitable place as the eggs begin to hatch. If they don't find it, they will travel. This means they might try crossing busy roads in the area to get to some woodland. Please be on the lookout and don't run over them. The Eastern Box Turtle is a delicate species that we need to keep safe.

On a side note, sometimes even turtles don't know what they are doing. Let's face it: they probably don't talk much before they hook up. This guy is giving Crocs a bad name, but there is no shame in the world of mistaken identity. At least I hope this is a mistake.