Even though it's the middle of Summer, a crafty brewer from the Bronx is ready to unleash the ultimate Fall beer.

Head Brewer, Damian Brown, from The Bronx Brewery dropped by this week with a pleasant surprise; a sneak preview of his Autumn Pale Ale. This very drinkable beer is brewed with the pressed juice of apples that are grown nearby in upstate New York. Brown says that the apples give the beer a slightly acidic tone.

The beer also has a crisp, pleasant tang to it.  Brown says that's partly from the apples, but also from the malt that's used.  The brewer likens the malt flavor in this particular beer to that of sourdough bread.

You'll have to wait until the middle of August to try out Autumn Pale Ale for yourself, but in the meantime there are some great beers available both at the brewery's tasting room in the Bronx and locally on your favorite beer store's shelves. Cheers!