If you were listening today during the broadcast from the Dutchess County Fair, you might have heard about the story of Arthur (formerly known as Barnadine). Arthur is one of our dogs. We happened to meet him one day while at a car dealership, of all places. We were on our way to Target in Newburgh, in June of 2013, when we heard that WPDH was appearing at a pet adoption day that was going on at Barton Birks in Newburgh. We decided to swing by for the heck of it...when my girlfriend at the time (now fiancee) stumbled upon a small black dog, who was there with the other dogs and cats that were up for adoption that day. She instantly fell in love with the little guy, with his perky eyes and wagging tail, and then looked up information on the Perfect Pets Rescue Inc Facebook page about him. We found out his name was Barnadine, and was one the dogs rescued by Perfect Pets from a high kill shelter in Georgia. Many of the shelters in that part of the country are overloaded with abandoned pets, and sadly many of them never get the opportunity to be brought in to a loving family. Needless to say, Barandine (now renamed Arthur) lives with us, along with our other dog...Pickles, another rescue pup. We couldn't be happier with our new addition to the family, and are so thankful for organizations like Perfect Pets Rescue for providing these animals a better chance at a happy life.

See Perfect Pets (and many other great animal adoption groups) at the Canine Tent at the Dutchess County Fair this week. Check out the Perfect Pets rescue Inc homepage for further information.