We all have to do things we don't want to do, but sometimes we have to do things we DO want to do...we just don't realize it.  Those things, to my sister and I, are called lamb chops. It sounds ridiculous, but there is a story behind it.  When we were little girls, we would always ask my mom "what's for dinner?".  And, whenever she said lamb chops, our reply was always" Eww Yuck!!"  But that night, when we were eating them, it was always "yum...these are pretty good!"  And it happened every time we had lamb chops.  So over the years, we began calling anything that we weren't looking forward to, but knew we would enjoy when we were actually doing it lamb chops.  Recently, my sister had to go to a wedding, and she was complaining about having to dress up and go out in the cold, but when I told her it would be like lamb chops, she agreed, and started looking forward to it.  So the next time you have something you have to do, something that might even be fun, think about lamb chops.  I've been thinking about writing about lamb chops for a while...but the thought of doing it wasn't very appealing.  Now I'm almost done, and it was fun....like lamb chops.  They're really delicious.

David Silverman/Getty Images