The problem with your perfume's affecting my life...and not in a good way.  For the second time in a month, I went to a drive through to get a cup of coffee, and the lid smelled like...your perfume!!  Please, if you're in the food industry, don't wear perfume!!  Especially not on the palms of your hands!  Part of the coffee experience is the aroma...I'd prefer mine to smell like coffee...not your perfume!  Why do you need to wear it to work?  You're going to smell like french fries by the end of the day whether you wear perfume or not.  And while I'm venting...if you're going to an indoor concert, a movie, or anywhere else that might be close quarters...don't overload on's enough to ruin the show, and it's rude, too.  I know you want to smell nice...but before you splash on that perfume or cologne, think about where you're going, and how it might affect others.  Thank you!

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images