Allergy season has hit the Hudson Valley... hard. Time once again for sneezing, itchy eyes and general misery. But, there is some hope! We asked the listeners to call in with their favorite allergy home remedies that really work. Check out the list below for your top 5.

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    Hudson Valley Honey

    The theory is that if you eat honey produced by local bees that ingest local pollen you will eventually build up a tolerance to the pollen. Think of it as a natural vaccine to allergy producing plants. The only problem is that you need to get on a year-round honey regimen, eating several teaspoons a day... that's a lot of honey!

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    There were several suggestions for allergy relief using onions. One listener suggested to cut the onions up and put them in your socks... Supposedly, the magical onions suck the allergy-producing pollen right out of your body through your feet.  If you don't want to walk around with onion feet all day, you might just want to try eating them.  A few listeners claim that onions reduce allergy symptoms. There may be something to this.  Onions contain quercetin which can naturally mimic the effects of an antihistamine

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    Stinging Nettle

    Listeners were passionate about the healing properties of Stinging Nettle. Apparently this herb contains histamine, which is the chemical in your body that causes allergic reactions. Take in enough histamine and you can build up a tolerance to it. Stinging Nettle is easily found in natural food stores... but I'd consult a doctor before rushing out to buy this one. Apparently too much stinging nettle can cause a serious reaction and deplete your body of much needed potassium.

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    Wasabi Peas

    Here's a cure I can get behind!  If you're a fan of Japanese food, reach for a handful of wasabi peas and watch your allergy symptoms disappear (if only for a few moments). Wasabi contains allyl isothiocyanate which promotes mucus flow which should clear up your nasal passages and give you temporary relief.  Wasabi is a member of the horseradish family, so if you'd rather throw some horsey sauce on a sandwich, that should work too.

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    Air Conditioning

    When all else fails, apparently the best thing to do is to seal up all of the windows and doors, crank the AC and wrap yourself in a cocoon. After binge watching a few seasons of your favorite show on Netflix, allergy season will be all over and you'll be able rejoin society.  Best of luck!

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