'Tis the season... to be completely offended.

Welcome to the "Holiday" season.  But be careful calling it that in front of the wrong person, because they will probably take offense to you not saying "Christmas".  But then again, if you say "Merry Christmas" to someone that does not celebrate Christmas, you risk getting that evil stare that makes you feel like you just mistakenly congratulated a fat lady on being "pregnant".

So what to do?  It's tough being a rational person during the holidays (I'm using "holidays" to save space, please hold your anger until the end of the page) .  9 out of 10 Americans claim to celebrate Christmas, so it seems very unlikely that any "war" is being waged... and if it is, it's not very successful.  I'm not a religious person, but I celebrate Christmas.  In fact, I LOVE Christmas. We've got Santa, a tree and the whole deal. So, I've got no problem with people saying "Merry Christmas" and on Christmas I say it too.  But from Thanksgiving through New Year's I usually default to "Happy Holidays".  Not because I'm trying to stop anyone from having Christmas, but I think it's more inclusive since I interact with lots of Jewish people every day.  When I say "Happy Holidays" It's not a political or religious statement, it's simply wishing my fellow man good will.  Terribly offensive, right?

We brought the issue up on the air this morning, and the phones lit up.  Our Facebook page also blew up with 100 replies and counting... here is just a sample:

Zia Tanya - I'm offended by anyone that says happy holidays as opposed to Merry Christmas!

Mike LeFebvre - I say Merry Christmas, but people can say what ever they want!

Larry Reynolds - If you came to this country live the way we do or go away

Pamm Brittain Long - people are way to sensitive. So what if some people dont say Merry Christmas? it IS a Holiday. big deal

Mike Roach - Let people say whatever the hell they want! lol.
If you're offended, go cry in a corner! Merry Christmas!

Annie Day - From thanksgiving thru new years it is the holiday season....there is absolutely nothing offensive about "happy holidays". Anybody notice nobody is screaming..."its happy Hanukkah" and getting fake offended at happy holidays? Jus sayin.

So what do you think?

One of our favorite pastimes as Americans seems to be getting offended.  Maybe during this time of year we should take the opportunity to cut each other a little slack and take things at face value.  Maybe the next time someone says "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Chanukah" or "Seasons Greetings" we should just be happy for the nice thought and say "thank you".

Or you could do something like this: