Have you gone on YouTube and just started looking for things.  We've been looking for stuff and we found some cool videos for Kingston.  We stumbled across one that says Kingston in the 1960's.  The video is a bit shaky, but take a look at the Kingston landmarks.

It starts out driving over the Rondout bridge, during this time period 9W went over this bridge.  Then as they start to drive up Broadway, in one frame for brief moment, you'll see on the right an arch for Carol's.  Carol's was a fast food burger joint, in later years they during into Burger King, which is what is in this location right now.

Then regular buildings down Broadway, including Kingston Hospital, and the high school.  On the left, UPAC. Then we travel up further and towards Uptown Kingston to see the sign for the Kingston Plaza.  Then a quick ride into Kingston Plaza.  Then up around the Clinton House.  Then back around Uptown again and past the where the DMV and current courthouse is.  The glass building looks brand new.

Getty Images