The Last Waltz

My Lost Treasure: The Band
So here it is Thanksgiving, and the theme for My Lost Treasure is color.  I thought about featuring a silly preschool song called Little Brown Turkey, but it was just too silly.  I think I decided on a much better song for today.
The Last Waltz was the final concert by The Band...
My Lost Treasure: The Band with Paul Butterfield
We're in the middle of a transportation theme, and it started with trains.  Like trains, planes, and automobiles.  As always, I've opened it up to suggestions.  And I got a great one the other day.
Calvin wrote to me on facebook and asked for Mystery Train from The Last Waltz…
Celebrating Levon Helm
On May 26, 1940 a legend was born. On April 19, 2012 we lost a legend.  But the years in between were amazing.  Those are the years that Levon Helm was in this world.
I've been a fan of The Band for a long time.  And I've always loved Levon...