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My Lost Treasure: Paul McCartney
We are getting to the end of our body parts theme on My Lost Treasure. I was trying to figure out if hair could be considered a body part, and I decided that it definitely is a body part. Maybe just so I can play today's song.
This song is from my favorite Paul McCartney album...
Sunday, June 18: Tig’s Rock Birthdays
Happy Birthday today (June 18) to Sir Paul McCartney. He’s 75. Other rockers celebrating include keyboardist Dizzy Reed of Guns N’ Roses (54) and guitarist Oz Fox of Stryper (56).
My Lost Treasure: Paul McCartney
The current theme on My Lost Treasure is the Negative Ns.  By that I mean songs with no, nowhere, no one, nobody, none, never, I think you get the picture.  I am positive that we will be playing some great negatives.
Yesterday I played a Negative N song from Ringo Starr, and today I am play…

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