My Lost Treasure

My Lost Treasure: The Animals
Our theme right now on My Lost Treasure is building a city. We are using songs to build our own little city. We already have a few parks, and today our first house is going up. I picked this one in honor of the solar eclipse.
I am a big fan of The Animals...
My Lost Treasure: Small Faces
We are kicking off a brand new theme here on My Lost Treasure. We are building a city with songs. Think schools, houses, roads, and of course parks. You can't have a city without parks.
Today's song came into my head before the idea of the new theme came to me...
My Lost Treasure: Explaining the New Theme
You know that we always have a theme on My Lost Treasure. And then we pick songs that fit the theme. Well, this theme is a little bit different and I think it is going to be really fun. Want to know what it is? Read on.
The new theme here on My Lost Treasure is Building a City...
My Lost Treasure: Simon and Garfunkel
This is the last song of the size theme on My Lost Treasure. It is also the perfect song to transition us into our next theme. More on that later.
I consider today's lost treasure to be that kind of new reunion song for Simon and Garfunkel...
My Lost Treasure: The Doors
The theme right now on My Lost Treasure is size.  Songs with big, little, small, short, long, etc. in the title.  Today it is a “long” song from The Doors. It goes out to Fireman Mike and my coworker John Clark. Both huge Doors fans.
I have a lot of great&nb…

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