Lost Treasure

My Lost Treasure: Genesis
Yesterday my lost treasure was a song called Genesis…today, we feature the band Genesis.  Last night I was at a friend’s house that sits right on The Hudson River…It was peaceful, and as I watched the ripples in the river, I thought of this tune…Enjoy, and thanks for…
My Lost Treasure: Jorma Kaukonen
I remember waaaaay back to my first days here on WPDH…Early 80’s, I’m guessing.  Every once in a while, I would love to put this tune on, and I never failed to get phone calls. “Who does this song? It’s beautiful”  It’s Jorma Kaukonen, and i…
My Lost Treasure: Neil Young
Today on My Lost treasure, I was itchin’ to hear some raw guitar…Neil Young style.  one of my favorite rocking tunes from one of my all time favorite artists..Enjoy, and thanks for listening! Subscribe to WPDH on Youtube
My Lost Treasure: The Dead
Happy Cino de Mayo!!  On My Lost Treasure today, a Mexican beauty from The Grateful Dead!  Enjoy, and Gracias! Subscribe to WPDH on Youtube
My Lost Treasure: The Eagles
I was a fan of the Eagles long before Joe Walsh joined the band.  In fact, my favorite Eagles album doesn’t include Joe Walsh.  I became a true fan of The Eagles (and maybe westerns) when I listened to the album Desperado.  And it has to be the whole album to get the whole expe…
My Lost Treasure: The Easybeats
I think I’ve picked a perfect song for today’s lost treasure.  It’s by The Easybeats….and here’s a little trivia…rhythm guitar player George Young is the older brother of AC/DC’s Angus and Malcolm.  Enjoy your weekend, and thanks for listeni…
My Lost Treasure: The Stones
For some reason, this song has been playing in my head for days…maybe since Earth day?  Anyway, I thought I’d put it in your head, too.  It’s one of my favorites from the Rolling Stones.  Enjoy, and thanks for listening! Subscribe to WPDH on Youtube
My Lost Treasure
Today, I’m featuring my all time favorite Jethro Tull song…even people who don’t love Jethro Tull seem to appreciate this one…Give it a listen, and enjoy!!  Thanks for listening! Subscribe to WPDH on Youtube