Glenn Frey

This Week’s Rock News: Chris Cornell Dead at 52
There was a lot of rock news this week. Did you get a chance to listen to it on The Boris and Robyn Show? There were plenty of stories, and not all of them good news.
The biggest story this week was the unexpected death of Soundgarden's Chris Cornell...
Glenn Frey: One Year Later
In an age where costumes, makeup and dirty punk rock thrived across pop music, Glenn Frey succeeded by writing simple, memorable, hook-packed songs.
Sunday, November 6: Rock Birthdays
Happy Birthday today (Nov. 6) to singer Corey Glover of Living Colour. He's 52. Other rockers celebrating include former Dio guitarist Craig Goldy (55) and Mr. Big guitarist Paul Gilbert (50). In remembrance, former singer/guitarist of the Eagles, Glenn Frey would have been 68 today.

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