Fleetwood Mac

My Lost Treasure: Fleetwood Mac
The theme is size right now on My Lost Treasure. This weekend is the Classic East Concert at Citi Field, and Fleetwood Mac are one of the headliners today. Since I played an Eagles song yesterday when they were headlining, I figured I would pick a song from Fleetwood Mac tod…
My Lost Treasure: Fleetwood Mac
We are working on a body parts theme right now on My Lost Treasure. The body part today is once again head. Head, heart, and eyes seem to be the easiest songs to think of. There are lots of them, that's for sure.
I must admit that I was not a huge follower of Fleetwood Mac pre Stevie Nicks and L…
My Lost Treasure: Bob Welch
It is a body parts theme on My Lost Treasure. We have found a lot of "heart" songs and a lot of "eyes" songs. Today it is an "eyes" song from Bob Welch.
Does anyone remember Bob Welch? He was actually a member of Fleetwood Mac for a while...

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