Billy the Biker

Bikes and Baseball
To sum up summer in one day with motorcycles, food, ice cream and baseball in one day, look no further than Woodstock Harley-Davidson's bike run ending at a Hudson Valley Renegades baseball game on Sunday the 11th.
Pig Roasts and Bike Runs
Take some time out of your busy schedule and take look at the beautiful Catskill region from your bike. And of course, don't forget about some good eats, don't even need a bike for that.
Ride for Moms and Kids
Bike runs are started for all kinds of reasons, but what better reason then to benefit the maternity department of Nyack Hospital. When it includes breakfast, a picnic lunch and prizes, there's not reason not to sign up.
Poker Run Weekend
It's the famous poker run! Get cards from the different stops and see if your hand wins at the end of the ride. Pick your cause and ride.
Bike Blessing Season
It has become a tradition that at the start of every season there is a bike blessing in order to keep riders safe for the coming months. This Saturday the 9th, Moroney's Cycle kicks off their season with you and the family.
Suns Out, Bikes Out
Now that May is here, expect to see a bunch of bike and poker runs each weekend through the summer. Billy the Biker will have all of the best ones in his bike report so you don't have to find them.
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