Last week's blizzard was extremely dangerous to be driving in, but walking 10 miles in it to help the developmentally disabled is what one man did in Sullivan County.

John Pellegrino put his life at risk last week to get to his job at CRVI in Glen Spey over in Sullivan County. He lives in Pennsylvania and got a text on Tuesday morning that one of the residents at CRVI had to be taken to the emergency room. CRVI is a residential home for the developmentally disabled.

John's car was snowed in and it was whiteout conditions that morning. He knew that the job needed him, so he set out on foot. Most people wouldn't walk 10 miles on a sunny day to get to work and Pellegrino would have had ever right to feel it was not worth gambling on a walk in the blizzard.

According to Spectrum News, it took John 3 hours to get to CRVI. When he finally got there, he didn't rest. He cleared snow from pathways around the residence and he went to work helping the clients.

"I like being a part of their lives and helping them make a difference," he said.

I have been trying to contact Pellegrino, but haven't had any luck yet. Somehow I get the feeling that he is the kind of person who doesn't want praise for what he did. He probably is one of those "just doing my job" kinda guys. Well John, what you did is the stuff that heroes are made of. Thank you!


Here is our interview with Tara Lambrou, the Resident Manager of CRVI talking about that morning.