An argument, stemming from a small dog of all things, has landed one man in the hospital, listed in critical condition, with the suspect still on the loose. The victim was with a friend, who was walking their dog when they encountered the suspect. The suspect apparently stepped over the leashed dog, rather than walk around it. While details are still sketchy, this is apparently the reason the whole altercation started. The victim confronted the suspect, only to have the suspect follow him down the street where ended up hitting him right in the face. The single punch happened to be caught by a pedestrian with their cell phone, and now the footage has been uploaded to YouTube.

The victim fell to the ground, hitting his head against the street. He was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital and is in critical condition. The suspect can be seen fleeing the seen and is still on the loose. According to police, he is a blonde haired man believed to be in his 30's, and around 5-10 and 170 lbs.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.