The Hudson Valley didn't get anything too significant during this latest snow storm, but other areas weren't so lucky.

Mario Tama/Getty Images

One man in Maryland knows all too well. After being snowed in, he decided to do what any other bored, homebound individual would do to pass the time during a snow storm...drink.

There was a problem though. Sometimes if you drink enough, you get the munchies. Sometimes Taco Bell can perfectly satisfy that craving. Well, he didn't want to get behind the wheel so he turned to Craigslist for help....

Courtesy of Craigslist

Guys it's snowing like a bitch outside, I've had a few drinks too many, and my sh*tty little hybrid douchemobile can't possibly make it to the neighborhood Taco Bell in this weather. I need someone with a 4 wheel drive vehicle to come pick my drunk ass up, take me to the Taco Bell drive-thru, and drive me back home. Then we can hang out and play video games if you're not a rapist. This is maybe 2 miles round trip. I'll pay in tacos. or chalupas. whatever. Seriously my desire for tacos right now is totally unmanageable, so I'd probably even buy you a 7 layer burrito if you asked nicely.


Of course, this has gone viral all over the internet. Our drunken friend even made it a point to make an appearance on Reddit to address the issue. It appears he did get his Taco Bell. According to his post on Reddit, he ordered a nacho loco taco, a crunchy taco, a soft taco, a chalupa, and some cinnabon bites.