While most of us were finding shelter from the cold this weekend, a seal was spotted looking quite content floating in the Hudson River.

NBC 4 posted the footage on their website that was also uploaded to YouTube by NJ.com. The video shows a seal that was apparently sunbathing on some ice floating in the river on Monday. Eyewitnesses say the seal looked perfectly happy and even appeared to be "waving" to onlookers. The seal was located near the upper end of Manhattan.

Although it's not uncommon to see seals in the waters of the Hudson River during the winter, NYPD divers responded to the sighting and reportedly helped the seal return to the water. Seals have been known to swim up into the river during the winter while looking for food. Occasionally they'll take a break on floating ice or the river bank, generating calls to local authorities.

Animal experts warn that seals can be protective of their space and have known to bite people who get too close. If you see a seal on the river just let it be. They may look friendly but once you get too close that can change quickly. Most likely the seal will return to the water on its own without any intervention needed from humans.

Have you ever spotted a seal on the Hudson River? Let us know where it was in the comments section below.