Boy, saying goodbye to a loved one is so incredibly hard. Whether it be a human or a pet. Unfortunately I've had to say goodbye to both over the past few weeks.

First, my Stepfather, who was an incredible man. He was a great husband, father and grandfather. He was well loved. And he lived a most interesting life, although it was too short.

And just this week, we had to say goodbye to our beloved cat Quincy. He was more of a son than a cat. He was so loving, came when he was called, loved to play fetch, and could catch a toy mouse in mid air. He never once bit or scratched anybody. Not once. And, he loved us unconditionally.

His life was way too short...only four years. And as much as I'm hurting right now, I wouldn't trade in those years to avoid the pain. He was a gift and a blessing. He enriched our lives, made us laugh every day...and ultimately made us cry tears of sorrow. But, it's the gift and blessing I have to concentrate on. And I can only hope that we were a gift to him, as well. Saying goodbye really sucks.