It's still a mystery how piles of rotting meat wound up all over the road in a small town just above the Hudson Valley.  Avaition Road, near the mall just South of Lake George in Queensbury, was closed for over 2 hours this week when the spoiled meat became a driving hazard.

According to The Post Star, the transportation department responded and cleaned up most of the meat in a couple of hours.  They were soon followed by turkey vultures who were happy to pick up any remaining scraps.  Unfortunately, motorists who drove their cars through the rancid meat earlier in the day quickly learned that driving through piles of meat can turn a car into a moving stink machine.

Police are still looking to find out where the meat originated from.  Perhaps they may want to question the big winners in this situation:  the local car wash, who saw a boom in business this week with motorists lining up to get the rotting meat cleaned off.