So a 30 year old Nanuet man named David Bastar, decided to steal a Grimadli's Home of Bread truck earlier this week. The theft occurred on Second Avenue near East 99th Street on the Upper East Side, early in the morning...right before all the daily deliveries were to be made. The truck was said to be carrying over $8,000 dollars worth of baguettes, sour dough, and whole wheat rolls. Another thing of that our bread loving suspect committed this entire crime wearing absolutely nothing but his underwear.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

Knowing he was driving stolen property, you'd think Mr Bastar would make a break for it and at least keep some of the bread for himself for lunch time sandwiches? This was not the case however. Being the honest thief that he is, and also respecting the commitment that Grimaldi's has made to it's loyal customers, Mr Bastar would go to make every single one of the bread trucks scheduled deliveries. The route was mapped out on paper that was left in the truck. Once done, he proceeded to toss bread loaves out the window as he headed down Lexington Avenue, according to police reports. 

He was eventually arrested, after being pulled over while tailgating a limo near LaGuardia Airport.  He was charged with criminal possession of a stolen vehicle and eventually released into his parents’ supervised care.