In a horrific story out of Monticello, a 31-year-old Reginald Gipson is being charged with animal abuse after police say he chocked, kicked, and stabbed his girlfriend's 2 year old pit bull terrier.

Gipson and his girlfriend were involved in a nasty domestic dispute, and when Gipson allegedly went after his girlfriend, the dog protected her and bit into his arm, according to police. That's when he allegedly held down and stabbed the dog. Both Gipson and his girlfriend brought the dog to a Sullivan County Animal Hospital, claiming they found the dog on the side of the road. When a hospital worker noticed a bite mark on Gipson's arm, they  notified state police. The dog later died while at the animal hospital. Gipson was sent to Sullivan County Jail in Bethel on $1,000 bail, pending a court appearance.