This is one of our interns, Clay Soileau. Clay is a recent graduate of Millbrook High School, and plans to attend the University of Arizona this fall to major in Business. Clay has interned with us for the past couple of months and performed a number of tasks such as appointing himself as Mike from Promotion's personal assistant (though no one knows for sure how Mike really feels about this). Anyways, Clay decided to end his internship with a real bang. On his very last day...he decided to wear this horrible get up he said he got at Pac Sun. Just look... the shirt is so horrid, it could cause one to almost go blind

After receiving much grief over the shirt, Clay said he wanted to be remembered by wearing something that was "loud, obnoxious, and attention getting", and plans to visit the station periodically  before heading to school this fall. Maybe this is just the thing the kid's are wearing nowadays. Who knows? With his business background, he could be a future Sales Manager here at Townsquare one day.