Driving while anxious? This is a case that a New jersey woman is trying to make against former a former employer. Andrea DeGerolamo had asked her former job, Fulton Financial Corp in Lancaster, PA, to change her hours so she could avoid the rush hour commute. DeGerolamo claims driving during the rush hours cause her serious cases of anxiety and even depression. Once she was ignored, she decided to blow the whistle on what she perceived as work place bias and discrimination. Fulton terminated her in May of 2013. Now she is suing, saying Fulton violated the state's Law Against Discrimination. DeGerolamo had worked there as a marketing consultant from 2007 till 2012, when she went on medical leave for anxiety issues caused by rush hour panic.

The suit was initially filed in Superior Court in Camden County back in May. It was just moved last week to federal court in Camden at Fulton Financial's request.