Local ferry commuters started the year off with ice, ice and more ice on the Hudson River.

There will be no warming trend in the near future, and the Hudson River has accumulated lots of ice. The Newburgh/Beacon Ferry has suspended service until further notice because of the severe conditions.

According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the MTA has come up with another plan.

As of midday on New Year’s Day, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced the ferry service’s winter contingency substitute busing plan was in effect because of the freezing temperatures.

Parking at the Beacon Train station is always at a premium during the work week and taking the ferry from Newburgh is a great alternative for Orange County commuters.

The MTA bus schedule can be found by clicking here. You have to figure the river will be iced up for a while, so this will be the plan for now.


The original ferry stopped running back in 1963 after they opened the Newburgh/Beacon Bridge, but the new ferry has been in operation for a number of years, and it's popular. The Hudson freezing over is nothing new, and A Little Beacon Blog tells of the ferry getting stuck back in the 1950s.

“The boat departed the Newburgh slip at 11:30 pm … Five minutes later and close to mid-stream we really slammed into something which gave us a sudden jolt. We couldn’t see too well but the ice seemed to have piled up almost level with some of the windows.”

We might see some snow this week and the weekend is calling for even colder temperatures than we have right now. Check out this short clip of the Newburgh/Beacon Ferry from the 1920's.