The latest trend in reality TV is one we can firmly get behind: nudity.  Check out these brand new television shows where the wardrobe consists of nothing more than your birthday suit.  This Thursday is the premiere of VH-1's "Dating Naked." And as the name suggests, it's a dating show where the contestants wear no clothes:

The Discovery Channel already has a hit on its hands with Naked and Afraid.  Think "Survivor" with no clothes:

And if that's not enough, filmmakers have now stopped even bothering coming up with a gameshow element or even a plot as an excuse for nudity.  This viral video now has over 5 million views featuring strangers undressing each other and jumping in to bed for no apparent reason:

So what do you think is the next show to go naked?  Dancing With the Naked Stars?  Nude American Idol?  Pitch your ideas below in the comments section.