Everyone's heard of that one wedding guest who's behavior can ruin the most important day of the bride and groom's lives. Whether it's an angry ex or in-law, or maybe someone who may have had a few too many, we all know how one bad apple can spoil all the fun for everyone else.

Well this guy might take the cake.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office

A 29 year old Ohio man named Noah Howard allegedly stole 55 unopened wedding cards with cash and gift cards, as the reception was going on. But he didn't stop there. Howard also allegedly stole $6,800 from a safe at the Webster Street Market where the reception was happening

From ABC News

The cash and cards were discovered in a Men’s Warehouse garment bag before police arrived, the report said. 

An employee told police Howard had asked to change  clothes in the office where the safe was located, according to the report.

The report also said Howard told police he set his garment bag outside next to the stairs and went back to celebrate some more with the bride and groom.