There are a handful of movies being released this weekend but only one I'm excited about...that I'll probably still wait for DVD to see anyway and that's 'Jersey Boys.' Directed by Clint Eastwood, this story is based in the 60's follows the rise and fall of four Jersey boys, The Four Seasons. It follows the quartet from signing on the street to being on top of the charts to personal and professional problems that break them apart. It's Frankie Valli, he's a cool guy.

The other movies out to think about are 'Third Person' with a great cast incuding Liam Neeson, Adrian Brody, Oliva Wilde,James Franco and Mila Kunis. Sounds great right? But as it turns it out it's too long for what it is and it doesn't really go anywhere. The movie follows Neeson, who is an acclaimed writer, struggling to write three love stories detailing everything there is in a relationship.

The next movie that to look over quickly is 'Think Like a Man Too,' (what's with these sequels not using the number two?) another movie with a decent cast and funny previews that most people, including me, think will fall short...nothing against Kevin Hart. It's been called the PG-13 version of 'The Hangover,' so there's that.

Check out the trailers for all three below and make your own judgements, but I'd see one of the two movies from last week I talked about if I were you, they're top in the box office. As always, until next week we'll MEAT at the movies!