After eight seasons as the Marlboro High School Football coach, Rich Ward will not be invited back despite having one of the best records in Section 9 football.

There is a possibility that the very successful coach of Marlboro High School may no longer coach because of an angry text sent to a parent. The Times Herald-Record reports that last December, Ward was waiting for team members to make reservations for a dinner. One player had not replied back and the coach questioned his commitment to the team.

According to The Times-Herald Record, the player's mother texted Ward and called him a "jerk." Ward appeared on WALL Radio admitted texting back “Ma’am, you can go to hell and kiss my ...,″ the Record reports.

Obviously, that is not going to sit well, but Ward did apologize for his remarks. Marlboro Superintendent Michael Brooks called the coach in on Monday and essentially - let him go. Players are said to be shocked by the firing.

Coach Ward sent out a group text to players and parents thanking them for their support during his time with Marlboro. He told WALL that he would be looking for a new job coaching football somewhere else.