My friend Glenn has decided this is the summer we should find the best soft serve ice cream the Hudson Valley has to offer...but we need your help.

So far, Glenn puts Quattro's on Route 44 in Pleasant Valley as his number one choice, but I grew up in Orange County and I love Weir's in Salisbury Mills. My friend Mark swears by Holy Cow in Red Hook, and my friend Joe will only go to Debra T's in Poughkeepsie. And my sister always goes for the frozen custard at Rita's Italian Ices.

So here is our list so far...but we need your help!! Add your favorite soft serve, so we can go check it out...thanks!

Graeme Robertson/Getty images
  • Quattro's in Pleasant Valley
  • Weir's in Salisbury Mills
  • Holy Cow in Red Hook
  • Debra T's in Poughkeepsie
  • Rita's Italian Ices (various locations)