As we reported yesterday, four Valley Central High School students were sent home for showing up to "Senior Celebrity Day" dressed as the band Kiss.  Reaction from the Hudson Valley on Facebook and Twitter has been almost exclusively in support of the students:

Ridiculous! These kids look great and did a great job! Did the school have rules in place as to what was "prohibited" for celebrity day? It was makeup not masks.. Silly school! -Dana Porteus on Facebook


Great to see high school kids know who KISS is. - John Serati on Facebook


It just proves that KISS is still alive in youth today. I'm sure they would make the real band blush a bit. ROCK ON FELLUHS! - Andy Barron on Facebook


Even Gene Simmons himself joined in on the conversation by retweeting a link to the story at  In fact, the story has now gone viral with people sharing and retweeting the story all over the Hudson Valley and beyond.

This morning The Boris and Robyn Show talked with Derek Chomyn, one of the students involved in the Kiss controversy.  Check out the full interview here:

So what do you think?  Was the school right in sending these kids home or was it just another case of zero-tolerance policies gone awry? Feel free to chime in below.