March Madness has nothing to do with basketball around here. The madness is that there is still a ton of snow to cleanup after last week's storm. Kingston has the big guns moving in on Monday.

Kingston will start a major snow removal effort on Monday. It will begin in Midtown and work it's way through all residential neighborhoods. Mayor Nobel has asked for support from Ulster County and Governor Cuomo. The state DOT and Ulster Emergency Management will help with this massive snow removal.

It will be a 24 hour operation, but it could take more than one day to get cleaned up. Kingston has lots of cars that park on the street and that slowed clearing it last week. Residents are being asked to please get your vehicles off the streets.

Warmer temperatures are melting lots of snow, but you know there is still an incredible amount that needs to be removed. The National Guard was called into Poughkeepsie last week and Kingston is in no better shape.

Time Warner reports that there will be alternate sites for parking in Mid Town, so please take note and use these lots. Cars have to be out of the way, so heavy equipment can get in and do the job completely.

Sea Deli lot, Everette Hodge Community Center, Cornell Street lot, Prince Street lot, the AME Zion Church at Franklin Street lot, the lot next to Arace, and Broadway Commons (Former Kings Inn Lot).

The more residents pitch in, the quicker and cleaner this whole thing will be done. The Department of Public works will take a look at how the cleanup is going by late Monday and determine if scheduling needs to be done for the rest of the week.