It's Christmas Eve and you've got one more shot to get that gift you forgot.  Forget the mall, it's going to be packed with people just like you.  If you're lucky enough to get a parking space you'll sit in lines for hours just to pick up that last minute present.

Have no fear! I've got 5 quick ideas that you can get without waiting, that will score points for creativity and get you home in time to down as much eggnog as you like.

1: Craft Beer
Liquor stores will be jam packed today, but grocery stores, drug stores and even gas stations now have some great craft beer available.  Jump in, grab a micro brew and you'll make Uncle Larry's year.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

2: Children's Museum Membership
Want to knock an entire family off of your list?  Stop by the Children's Museum and grab a family membership.  They have great programs throughout the year, some brand new exhibits and Mom and Dad will thank you on that cold February weekend when the kids are bored playing with all of the toys the got on Christmas.

3: Dinner Out
Jump in to a nice restaurant and grab a gift certificate.  Just make sure to look at a menu and get enough money to pay for appetizers, dinner, dessert AND drinks!

Getty Images/Gareth Cattermole

4: Movie Tickets
Everyone loves a good movie.  Jump into the theater, grab some gift cards and you're done.  If you're feeling ambitious make another quick stop at 7-11 for a few boxes of candy for them to sneak in or combine the tickets with #3 above and it's an instant night out on the town!

Tim Boyle/Getty Images

5: Nothing says 'I Love You' like car maintenance
No one will be in the auto parts store today, so grab some windshield wipers, motor oil, windshield fluid, an ice scraper and you've got a gift that will keep your favorite motorist up and running throughout the winter.  Maybe not the most romantic gift, but hey... you're the one that waited until the last minute!