Most of the people I'm friends with on facebook know that I'm pretty good about getting on each day, wishing each of them a happy birthday, liking a nice status or two, etc.  Well....I've been on vacation for the past few days, and I really haven't been on the computer much.  And I don't own a smartphone...just a little prepaid flip phone. So, happy birthday, if I missed yours.  This wasn't an experiment or a challenge to myself to see if I could live without facebook...I just didn't feel like thinking all that much.  And to tell you the truth, it's been pretty nice.  I'm okay with not knowing why you think our president is a liar, what miracle berry will make me look 20 years younger, or why my food is slowly killing me. No offense, but I'm even okay with not seeing a picture of your dinner or your kid's reaction to that great gift.  Just for a few days, anyway.  I really do like and appreciate my facebook friends and family, and I'm sure in a few days I'll spend hours trying to catch up with everybody's lives...but, just like anything, I need a vacation from it.  So, for a few more days, I think I'll live the computer free simple to you soon!

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images