All winning streaks have to come to an end and that's what happened to Austin Rogers on Thursday night. The Hudson Valley native finally was beaten after winning 12 Jeopardy matches in a row.

Rogers became sort of a viral sensation, not just because he was winning, but also for the way he mugged for the camera. People seem to love watching this guy and according to the Hudson Valley Post, he did speak about his time growing up in Westchester County.

“I grew up on the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester. If we walked out my back door and turned north I wouldn’t reach another home for about six miles,”

Don't feel bad for the New York City bartender, he won a total of $413,000 during his time on the game show. Imagine what it must be like on trivia night at the bar he works for? Austin's time on television may not be over. He could get offers for commercials and he is scheduled to appear on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.